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Air compressor repair services

Air compressor element

IRONIL INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING has over 15 years of experience in repair and maintenance of air compressor of various types and designations. Our team of qualified and experienced technicians and engineers is ready to resolve any air compressor issues and problems quickly and professionally.

Air compressor maintenance programme is at the core of our business activities. Preventative maintenance consists of having a service carried out regularly. Our standard services are set to every 2000 hours or yearly(depending on the compressor type and oil type, servicing intervals can be extended up to 4000 hrs), at which time the compressor is checked thoroughly and required maintenace procedures are carried out, to ensure that the compressor is in full working order.

Our competitive prices and high quality service makes IRONIL Industrial Engineering one of the key maintenance and repair service providers in Baltic states area.

Typical examples of our main activities:

  • Filter/oil, Oil separator change.
  • Compressor element service exchange
  • Cooler cleaning
  • Compressors electronics diagnose and repairs
  • Installation of new compressor, air vessels, pipework etc.

IRONIL INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING specializes in air compressor services and repairs, if you have any questions or would like to get a quotation, please contact us:
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