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Pump overhaul services

Diesel engine

IRONIL Industrial Engineering has over 15 years of experience in repair of pumps and provides a full service for the wide variety of industrial and commercial pumps. Our company has modern facilities and experienced in-house trained technicians to handle all aspects of pump repairs.

Our company is also providing pump body parts ceramic protective coatings, modern coating systems now are an efficient, cost effective and reliable method of responding to most corrosion, erosion and abrasion problems.

Our specialist coating division can advise the correct grade and application method to suit your needs. The latest generation of coatings can provide performance enhancing characteristics that can save energy by improving the performance of your equipment.

Typical examples of our main activities:

  • Mechanical seal replacement
  • Pump wear rings replacement, also manufacturing of oversized wear-rings
  • Pump components replacement
  • Pump body/casing repairs
  • Refurbishment of worn shaft, so called SLEEVING
  • Pump casing ceramic coatings which lengthens pump live especially where abrasive particles are present

IRONIL INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING specializes in pump overhaul services, if you have any questions or would like to get a quotation, please contact us:
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